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Book The Liptov Bobbin Lace in Current Use, Marta Hauserová, Vladimír Hauser and Pôvabnica Turca Lace Makers

This handbook contains 78 pattern drawings including 36 patterns never published before. The book explains in a clear way the variety and beauty of the Liptov bobbin lace.The patterns are precisely detailed (at the level of individual pairs or even threads), completed with photos of finished lace. The drawings are processed in a way which makes possible to combine them with each other. So every lace maker can easily build an own pattern to suit your taste. This publication describes not only the application of patterns to the caps, but also on contemporary clothing and other items of daily use. Slovak language, Format A4, 96 pages, color print, hard cover, price 25 eur.

Book purchase will begin at planed action on the 4-th of March, 2020. Subsequently, it will be possible to buy our book by e-mail at Detail conditions for publications ordering are given below.


Book Secrets of bobbin lace from Liptov - Mária Čobrdová, Marta Hauserová  and colleagues.

The book is devoted to the issue of bobbin lace from Liptov. It contains over 36 detailed sketched patterns with photos of finished patters. A4 format, 119 pages, color printing, hardcover, price € 13. Sample this book can be found here. More information can be found here: Secrets of bobbin lace from Liptov.


Brochure 16 Easter eggs

The brochure includes 16 detailed sketched patterns of Easter eggs with elements of bobbin lace from Liptov. All sketches are also accompanied by examples of finished eggs. A5 format, 40 pages, color printing, price € 8. Sample of this brochure can be found here: 16 Easter eggs.


Brochure Arcs and corners in the bobbin lace from Liptov

The brochure is a free continuation of book Secrets of the bobbin lace from Liptov. It shows the possibility of application teeth for margin of blanket. It is solved in the modular form, so it makes possible to establish such sape of blankets as you wish. A4 format, 48 pages, color printing, price € 16. Sample of this brochure can be found here: Arcs and corners in the bobbin lace from Liptov 


Brochure Christmas decorations with elements of bobbin lace from Liptov

The brochure is a free continuation of book Secrets of the bobbin lace from Liptov. It shows the new way of application patterns for Christmas decorations. The brochure contains 78 detailed patterns of Christmas decorations.  A4 format, 36 pages, color printing, price € 14. Preview brochure can be found here: Christmas decorations with elements of bobbin lace from Liptov.


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